Weight: 270Ibs

Height: 6'5

Home: Edge of Sanity

Titles Held:

About Rayge

Rayge came from a good home and was raised right. Growning up, he had everything he ever wanted in life. Money, Women, Cars, Popularity, Intellegence, etc. If he didn't have it given to him, he just took it because he could. He was flipping threw the channals one night and he came across Professional Wrestling and decided that was going to be his next thing he was going to do. He went to a promotor and asked to wrestle, he was told no, but he could be a ring announcer if he wanted to be. At first he was enraged, but then saw a chance to get what he wanted. So he became the ring announcer and watch all the wrestlers so he could hand pick his army to make that promotor wish to god that he would have just let Rayge have his way. Finally with his army picked out, Dec 21 2002 will go down as the Day the Mastermind of Professional Wrestling came to life. With his knowlage of everything and his army, he has become unstoppable

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